Trendy Twosome: Joel Kinnaman & Olivia Munn

This past week I've been plowing through The Killing on Netflix, and have only ten minutes or so left in the last episode as I type this. I love it- it's like Twin Peaks meets SVU. I read in the depths of the interwebz that they're bringing back the show exclusively for Netflix after it … Continue reading Trendy Twosome: Joel Kinnaman & Olivia Munn

1:45 AM

"I am collecting beautiful objects. A pair of shoes. Some glasses. Telephone. Typewriter. They are made from wood and felt. With apparent stitches. Their delicate and finished appearance is friendly. And they are quiet." Its 1:45 and I can't dream. So here's some dreaminess for you all.


I imagine Abba is probably the last thing any actual Swedes listen to, but my lame American self loves this 70s pop disco bundle of cuties. They are seriously the cutest looking band I think I've ever seen. And their music is so happy. Anyways, I want to share the lovely  Agnetha Fältskog and her bouncy 70s … Continue reading Chiquitita