Cheap Chic Monday

Considering the amount of time I usually waste shopping online, I figured sharing some of my weekly treasure hunting spoils with the blogosphere might be fun- and make it easier to abandon my shopping cart rather than finding myself broke with a bunch of opened packages strewn across my apartment floor. Seeking validation as to my fashion … Continue reading Cheap Chic Monday

The Face of Fall

I took a gander over to MAC at Nordstrom last night, and spoke to a rep as they were closing down the counter, asking her a couple questions about what's coming up for fall. She was far more helpful than I was anticipating (not that I expected her to be unhelpful necessarily). I was also taking photos … Continue reading The Face of Fall

Etsy Spotlight: Osteal Jewelry

I'm so excited to introduce a new territory phantasmagoria is entering into! Today I'm spotlighting a very talented artist who I discovered on Etsy, and even more exciting- she's local! The talented Amanda Langston is the creative genius behind Osteal; a Seattle-based jewelry line chock-full of unexpected, curious materials and exquisite craftsmanship. Aside from the … Continue reading Etsy Spotlight: Osteal Jewelry