Santa Baby

What I'm jonesin' for this christmas. Pretty self explanatory. I'm hoping some random sugar daddy will see this and throw in a little vacation to the maldives to top it all off. Margiela for H&M necklace ASOS Freak of Nature dress Etsy geometric statement necklace Romwe stained glass leggings Romwe asymmetrical cut tee Etsy orange … Continue reading Santa Baby

Rain City: One

If you have me on Facebook or Instagram, you've already seen some of this stuff, but I wanted to do a little post about what I've been doing and seeing while here in the city. As I write this, there is a homeless gentleman banging two cans together outside my window in the alley below. … Continue reading Rain City: One

Glow Baby

A rare and eccentric gem indeed. Sold out in most H&M stores nationwide, the H&M Spring 2012 Fashion Fringe Rave Neon Yellow Lime Beaded Necklace (mouthful much?) is MINE! I spotted this baby a few weeks ago while visiting my sister in the big bad emerald city and fell in love instantly. The cashier even professed his love for the vibrant … Continue reading Glow Baby