Trendy Twosome: Joel Kinnaman & Olivia Munn

This past week I've been plowing through The Killing on Netflix, and have only ten minutes or so left in the last episode as I type this. I love it- it's like Twin Peaks meets SVU. I read in the depths of the interwebz that they're bringing back the show exclusively for Netflix after it … Continue reading Trendy Twosome: Joel Kinnaman & Olivia Munn

Welcome to the Pink Parade

I can't tell if this color excites or exhausts me. Pink kept popping up on my radar during fashion week, a most confusing but loved color. Wearing pink is not easy, for anyone. I myself have a definite love/hate relationship with it. If I see a pink toaster in a store I am sure to … Continue reading Welcome to the Pink Parade