(T)high Times.

Up for discussion today is one of the sexiest and most difficult-to-wear versions of The Fall Boot. Behold- the Thigh High Boot. They can so easily scream hooker instead of haute - so bringing them out around Fall and Winter (when you're likely to show the least skin elsewhere) helps to tone down the Pretty Woman Factor. I am a … Continue reading (T)high Times.

1:45 AM

"I am collecting beautiful objects. A pair of shoes. Some glasses. Telephone. Typewriter. They are made from wood and felt. With apparent stitches. Their delicate and finished appearance is friendly. And they are quiet." Its 1:45 and I can't dream. So here's some dreaminess for you all.

Van Der Crazy

  Joyeux anniversaries to the iconic (of this generation) blonde, miss Blake Lively! Christian Louboutin personally sent his entire Spring 2012 collection to her and Karl Lagerfeld casually refers to her as his muse. I wonder what else this princess was blessed with on her bday. For now, we'll explore one gift we're all quite aware … Continue reading Van Der Crazy