Once Upon A Met Ball

In a far- away kingdom called The Upper East Side… okay, I'm done with the fairy tale stuff. So Monday night's Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala was one of the best- dressed in recent years (in my opinion) with it's theme of China: Through the Looking Glass - tying into the current exhibit on Chinese fashion. Below … Continue reading Once Upon A Met Ball

Going For Baroque

 Brocade, damask, tassels, filigree, gold leaf- this beautiful fall 2012 trend will surely leave you flat Baroque. Haaahha. My jokes suck, I know. Anyways, so its not exactly fall anymore, but timeliness has never been my thing. Mastered by Balmain, and dabbled in by D&G, this 17th century idea of opulence translates beautifully to skinny … Continue reading Going For Baroque