Throwing Shade

Just a quick share today. I want to show y’all the best pair of sunglasses I’ve gotten my hands on in a long while. They are the ‘Virtex Block Shades’ from NastyGal, and I fell in love after seeing them being frequently rocked by the excruciatingly talented Monica Rose, who is a celebrity stylist with a clientel base that includes the Kardashian/Jenners and Jennifer Lopez, just to name a few. So basically she has the most amazing job I could ever dream of *sigh* – Below is a few of her instagram posts, so you can just how often (and well) Monica rocks the Virtex. My mind was blown when I saw their twenty- dollar price point, too. She shared the link to these sunglasses after so many of her loyal instagram followers pestered her to divulge what she was wearing.


Now, mind you- I have a HUGE head… like… ENORMOUS… 24.5 inches around, no joke. I always struggle with hats being too small and glasses being too little for my face. So these sunnies don’t appear quite as chic and oversized on me, and thus don’t exude that falling- off- my- tiny- face, ducking – the- paparazzi look. But of course I won’t let that stop me, because they are so PRETTTYYY! Like so many things that don’t quite fit, but we buy anyways ’cause they might someday fit. Though I doubt my head will be shrinking any time soon :/

image1 image2

They’re a near- perfect dupe of the pricey Celine shades so often rocked by Monica Rose’s super-famous Kardashian/Jenner clients, check it out-d59ac1ca48259c401bcce3c1395b05b5


NastyGal Virtex Block Shades > CLICK HERE TO SHOP


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