Cheap Chic Monday

Considering the amount of time I usually waste shopping online, I figured sharing some of my weekly treasure hunting spoils with the blogosphere might be fun- and make it easier to abandon my shopping cart rather than finding myself broke with a bunch of opened packages strewn across my apartment floor. Seeking validation as to my fashion choices can be found through different methods besides actually purchasing and wearing things, I’ve found. Very healthy… very skillful… very proud of myself 🙂

I, just like everyone else, am a bargain fiend and routinely check up on what’s arrived at Vomit 21 and H&M each week. As long as you can accept that the shirt you purchased will warp and shrink after one wash, and completely fall apart by the end of the season- go for it! You get what you pay for with fast fashion, so as long as you can handle buying something that is the clothing equivalent of a disposable wet wipe, it’s all good.

Here’s some junk from my favorite junk stores that I’ve been eyeing lately… a couple of which I am guilty of actually purchasing –

FOREVER 21 (Use code SS15OFF at checkout)


Here’s a few of the pieces I picked up and wore recently-


Happy to find this snake print kimono at H&M while on the hunt for the perfect pool cover up!
Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 1.27.00 PM

What I’m listening to-

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