Fire Walk With Me

Bonus points if you get the post title. I was leaning towards “Hot to Trot” as well, but my inner hipster decided making an obscure Twin Peaks reference was cooler. Feel free to punch me in the horn rimmed glasses/ironic facial hair/peter pan collar next time you see me.

As soon as it gets warm enough here in Seattle, I am so done with all these boots I’ve been living in. There is still a poorly dressed 17 year old in me that just wants to wear flip flops every day. Even in the snow. But man oh man here is a fun trend I can get on board with this spring! RED SHOES! ZAPATOS FUEGO! Fire shoes? I took French in high school, not Spanish, so I apologize.

Pop color shoes are such an easy way to add color to an outfit, especially if you are prone to wearing head to toe black on a regular basis (as I am) and are somewhat hesitant to invest in a bright garment. If you’re going to rock some festive shoes, however, be mindful that the rest of your outfit should be low key. A bright red shoe loses its chic/cool factor if you start adding insane prints or other brights, and you may begin to spiral into the under style worlds of Jersey Shore or Clown College. Keep it simple.

So here’s my current red shoe picks – followed by some inspiration 

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What I’m listening to –



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