2013 Hits & Misses

As we bid adieu to yet another year this week, let us reflect upon a few trends that defined 2013. Hopefully we’ll be saying adios to a few of them too. Since it is a resolution (more like a continuous daily aspiration- go me) of mine to live more mindfully and positively, I’ve also included the trends I felt were winners- and will be welcome in my wardrobe in 2014.


1. Cut outs

They’re just everywhere now. The hint of sexiness that these little peeks of skin once held now give off an overplayed 80’s aerobicize leotard vibe


2. Heeled Sneakers

Curse you, Isabel Marant, for bringing this heinous trend into being. I suspect those who purchased a pair last year are feeling the shame of this fad indulgence.


3. Faux fur vests

But… I like… real fur ones.. :/ I guess my take on fur is muddled. I hate faux fur. And I love real fur. The fur things I do own are all genuine. And I feel much guilt from owning these things. I don’t believe I am well- versed enough in the politics and ethical dilemmas surrounding the fur industry to have a real opinion. Note to self: learn more.


4. Mesh detailing

In the words of P’trique “It looks like Forever 21 vomited all over her.”


5. Hidden platform lace ups

Because there obviously aren’t enough of these on Lookbook. You can’t walk in them- every blogger seems to own a pair- but you NEVER see people actually wearing them in the street.


6. Crazy geo / tribal patterened tights

Forever 21 is continuing to vomit all over her.


7. flower crowns

I don’t think you realize what you look like.


8. Spirit hoods

STOP. Put down the anime comics, wash out the manic panic, and turn off the dubstep.


9. Sugar skulls

Are you all magically Hispanic? “I don’t-a think that means what you think it-a means.” (Princess Bride reference, people)


10. Slashed back shirts

These in neon are the worst.



1. Denim on denim

I was so surprised to realize that this actually works. I hate mixing prints so I assumed this would gross me out- but it’s cute! Just make sure they are different washes.


2. Pop color shoe

Post to come soon on red ones!


3. Joggers

I have a feeling my opinion will change within the next year- but for now I like them- even the leather ones!


4. Statement necklaces

I can never get enough of these! They take an outfit up a notch!


5. Boudoir-inspired details

You know what I’m talking about. The straps, strings, and caged looks with slightly naughty notions.


6. The chambray shirt

Cute, classic, easy on the eyes, and works for many body types.


7. Camel coats

Classy and just a hint of warmth in the color!


8. Boyfriend jeans

I’m not sure about their staying power- but I’m loving them right now.


9. Slitted maxi dresses/skirts

No cleavage required- with a little gam exposure you’re set in the sexy department.


10. Minimalist ankle straps

Timeless and they go with ANY outfit. I just wish mine weren’t so freaking hard to walk in.


So what are you ladies loving and loathing? Lemme know!

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