Trendy Twosome: Joel Kinnaman & Olivia Munn

This past week I’ve been plowing through The Killing on Netflix, and have only ten minutes or so left in the last episode as I type this. I love it- it’s like Twin Peaks meets SVU. I read in the depths of the interwebz that they’re bringing back the show exclusively for Netflix after it was cancelled this year after only 3 short seasons.

I’d say a huge part of my love for the show is my confusing crush on tweaker turned cop Stephen Holder, played by Swedish-American creepy- cutie Joel Kinnaman. Aaaand he’s dating Olivia Munn- arguably one of the most beautiful women alive. SUCH an attractive couple.

I just wanted to highlight not only their hotness- but their trendiness. I might make it a regular thing to share fashionable couples, because it was way fun internet stalking them. This couple has casual chic down to a tee. I just hope my future accented petit amie et moi will stroll the streets looking this suave.


What I’m listening to:


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