Blurred Lines

Well, now Sarah and I know not to take pictures at night. Of all the ootd photos we took, these three were the least blurry. And they’re still pretty cruddy- looking. Very frustrating.

Moving on! I’m debating about whether to do a post on here about my trip to NYC. It would for sure end up being a long one, so I am more just lazy than uncertain, I guess. It was fabulous, and entirely fashion-oriented, but there would just be soooo much to write about. Maybe I’ll get my butt in gear this weekend and write something. Long story short- I’m moving there ASAP.

November’s been a frigid bitch so far, so I’m living in sweaters. This one is a little older from Target. I love drapey, cocoon-style anything. This look is a little boring, I realize that. I’m mostly just excited about these ADORABLE Vera Wang wooden platforms. They are to die for. I love the rivets and cut outs. I don’t care if its freezing, I am rocking these.


[Target grey cocoon sweater, Perione white tee, H&M leggings, Vera Wang platform sandal, 21Men zip envelope clutch]

What I’m listening to:


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