Fall Essentials

Fall is most certainly my favorite time of year for shopping. The bright and bedazzled summer wear has GTFO’d and the black, knits, and leather are in full force. As a born n’ bred PNW child, I’m far more comfortable in the cold and rain than sun and heat. I’ve been doing some major scouting (and damage, to be honest) the past few weeks in the stores and online. While I’m pretty sure we all have our own idea of what comprises an essential fall wardrobe, I’m going to share my two cents, and some cute cheap(ish) chic options for you all to check out.


Riding boots

I am a big fan of the right pair of riding boots (Gotta be black, sorry. I don’t care for brown leather) There are so many crappy options now out there that it’s almost overwhelming, and most of them I find pretty nauseating. Investing in a moderately priced, better quality boot is a must for fall. My own pair were purchased at Nordstrom and they have lasted me well over a year. Below are some I’ve tried on in- store or checked out online that I think make the cut.



These are mine (in black) and I la-ha-aaave them! I get compliments on them whenever I wear them. Highly recommend.



These are a super classic riding boot (love the hardware) and look even cuter in person.



I wish our downtown Zara was open so I could try on these beauts’ !


Dark Slim Pants

Leggings and boots are okay, but if you can kick it up a notch to a more tailored pair (even if its just a jegging) it looks a lot more polished. They tuck into a high boot well, can be worn with a heel- they go with everything and can be worn anywhere.



Yes, I am completely biased because I basically sell these to people all day long, but they are SO worth the hype. All of my coworkers own a pair, and I live in mine 24/7. I’ve fallen asleep in them- they’re that comfy. They’re essentially a jegging- but the pockets and seaming kick up the sophistication factor a bit- as does the slim (not skinny) leg. I am not really a fan of super skinny legs anymore, they don’t look that great on most people over 16.



Aaaand I’m still peddling the WHBM stuff… but these are our perfect form collection. These are an awesome, more structured option. They don’t have the stretch of the ponte, making them more work wear. Still slim enough for boots, though.


Pull over knit.



I ordered this one a few weeks ago and it has get to arrive but I’m way excited to get it. Sheinside.com where I ordered it from, is a little sketch with their shipping (the stuff comes from Asia) so it’s reallllyyyyy taking its sweet time to get here. Worth it though, since this thing looks adorable.



Forever 21 is riddled with decent sweaters right now, it’s awesome. I like the shoulder detail on this one.



I’m a major sucker for a good cowl neck. And at a $25 price point? whew!


Leather Jacket

These are another fall staple that there seems to be a million and one grotesque options of. I strongly believe that any leather or leather alternative piece you decide to invest in should be of good quality. We all know how cheap faux leather stands out like a sore thumb, and how intoxicating the touch of soft lambskin is. Quality is key!



Veggie- friendly faux! I love all the detailing on this one. And for under $100 it wont break the bank.



Love the stoney, olive color.



Love! Good ol’ UO


Wrap/Fly away knit



Target has so many awesome cheap sweaters right now!



Again, I’m totally biased since it’s WHBM. But I own this in all 3 colors and I love it.




Statement Necklace

As the necklines creep ever higher for fall, statement necklaces become more and more appropriate. Since I have a larger chest, I can’t really rock this look, but I love it when I see a button down beneath and cashmere sweater with a statement necklace on top. So classy. Since it’s fall, I like neutral colored stones. Save the flowery brights for warmer weather.



LOVE this! And a total steal for only $21!



I battle over buying this almost every day at work. I just… can’t decide. I really love it though.



Love this! It’s like a modern/art deco Cleopatra!

So there’s my take on some essential fall pieces. These pieces are somewhat seasonless as well (especially if you’re a fellow Washingtonian) so they can be worked in year-round. They’re also relatively ageless, so readers of all ages- take note! There’s much, much more I’d love to list, but I decided to keep it limited, since this post could easily turn into a thousand – page – long shopping list. I hope you all enjoyed this little inspirational list, and happy hunting for your very OWN fall essentials!


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