Yours Truly (OOTD Overload)

I used to pretty much only post photos of my own outfits when I started out. I realize now that I should pick that up again, because I do describe Phantasmagoria as a “personal style” blog, too. Here’s a couple looks from the past week that I took the time to photograph (the first one is from this morning). PLUS, I want you all to see my bad ass new tattoo 🙂

I did major damage at Target the other day and ended up spending almost $200 dollars. They are pretty hit or miss with their clothes there, but lately they’ve had some treasures buried under the heaps of uggo neon and cheap prints.



[White House Black Market Ponte Pants, Target scoop neck tee, Target moto vest, Target pointed toe flats, H&M chain necklace, Bubo Baggins leather shopper]


Pardon my glow-in-the- dark- pale legs!

^ NOW SELLING THESE SHOES! (Sz 9) Visit my ebay shop:


[Target grey cardigan, Maiden Form satin tank, F21 leather shorts, Thrifted leather shopper, F21 hidden platform heels, and Mercedes hood ornament necklace]

I was a naughty teen.. I ripped this hood ornament off an old Benz parked on the side of the road when I was 16 or 17. Makes a sweet necklace though!


[Target shawl cardigan, F21 leather bustier, Genetic Denim motorcycle Jeans, Report over the knee stiletto boots from Nordstrom, Thrifted wood handle purse.]

Genetic Denim seriously makes the most amazing jeans. They are a bit pricey, but definitely worth the splurge. They are so soft and have great washes. Don’t mess with that True Religion and Miss Me crap, ladies. I recently sold my Miss Me’s. Go with better quality brands like Genetic, J Brand, or Hudson if you’re willing to spend that kind of money on your blues.


Image[Target pointed toe flats]

And yet ANOTHER baller Target find were these under- 20- dollar pointed toe flats. If you liked the PS Facebook page, you already saw this photo probably. They come in a lot of different colors and prints. Perfect for Fall!

ImageAaaand irrelevant, but this is the new tattoo I got, right after.. so it’s almost healed now. Someone told me that I have Angelina Jolie/Megan Fox -esque tattoos, which made me feel really cool. I wish.


And ladies!- or gents- in the Seattle area, we are currently looking for more sales associates at White House Black Market at Pacific Place. So if you want to join our fabulous team, stop by the store or shoot me an email. I’ll give a good recommendation.. unless you’re insane of course 😉Image

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