This Is A Test

I believe I’ve got all the hipsters I know topped when it comes to obscure, artsy, useless pass times. Well at least with my latest obscure interest- rorschach tests. More commonly known as “ink blot” tests, they are an older psycho analytic tool developed by the Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach. Everyone’s seen Watchmen, why am I bothering to explain this?

Besides their supposedly being able to tell you if you’re wacko or not – or more that you’re just so unbelievably special because you saw a banana when everyone else saw a shoe – they’re so pretty! That’s really the end of my story here. These ink blot prints are so beautiful on so many different things, not just clothing. In fact I think I like them best in housewares, as you’ll see below.

Oh no… am I diving into “for the home” crap now too? I didn’t anticipate this, it just happened.



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