The Face of Fall

I took a gander over to MAC at Nordstrom last night, and spoke to a rep as they were closing down the counter, asking her a couple questions about what’s coming up for fall. She was far more helpful than I was anticipating (not that I expected her to be unhelpful necessarily). I was also taking photos for a separate school assignment. What she shared with me had me excited for fall. The looks are bold, but edgy, and sexy as hell. I’ll try and  incorporate some of them into my routine for sure.


She told me that there were four major looks that MAC was focusing on specifically. As is typical, they are inspired by looks shown on the Fall ’13 runways. They include an eye called “Re-belle” a lip called “au currant” a skin/eye/complexion called “perplex-tive, and and eye called “spiritual eye.”

1. Re-Belle


2. Au Currant


3. Perplex-tive


4. Spiritual Eye


Full descriptions of the aesthetic and inspiration behind each look can be found here:

M.A.C AW13 Trends

I really like the au currant look, but also am aware of how hard to wear it will be. It fits with the 90’s grunge obsession right now. And the incessant use of black lipstick I’ve been seeing in younger magazines like nylon and paper (and of course the blogs). I really like the perplex-tive face look too, but am not a fan of it’s glossy eye. It just looks greasy honestly, and doesn’t really make sense off the runway. The spiritual eye is pretty, but I never wear that little eye makeup. I just.. would rather not wear makeup. I dunno, I need my eyeliner and brow highlight. The re-belle is super sexy and in my opinion the most wearable. You don’t have to go to runway extremes with it, but still rock a courtney love/ just rolled out of bed/ I don’t give a monkey ’cause I’m too busy nursing my hangover.. look.


I’m sad my Riri Woo and Heaux will only be on trend for a couple of more weeks now. Obviously I’ll still wear them but I won’t feel quite as special. So tell me, are you brave enough to try one of these? Which ones do you like and/or freak you out? Do you feel similarly about the 90’s thing? I’m gonna go listen to some smashing pumpkins.


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