Rain City III

Happy Tuesday, readers! I have the day off from work and school, so I thought an update was necessary. The city’s been full of color and craziness downtown amidst the heat we’ve been having. I’ll do a separate street style post as it’s a part of a school assignment. By the way, who ever said summer school wasn’t fun was way off. I’m really enjoying it and it’s great to get as many credits out of the way as possible. These are just some more random bits via the camera roll.


Around the fourth, there was denim like CRAZY in all the display windows. These were both Nordstrom. I never thought denim on denim could look good, but these visuals gave me new insight.


I fell in love with these mesh wedges from F21. They were out of my size, so I had to order them online. They’re easy to walk in, but that also may be attributed to the fact that I wear heels to work and have much better trained feet now.

^ NOW SELLING THESE SHOES! (Sz 9) Visit my ebay shop: http://tinyurl.com/lezrlqh


I love how there’s cobalt everywhere now. This skirt is not quite the same hue, but it looks pretty darn close. I scooped this on sale] for a steal at Nordstrom recently, and it’s perfect with a red lip. Very summery.


I thought these funny printed totes were cute. Super steals for under $17 at asos online



I got bored this morning before meeting my sister for lunch, so I made some summery polyvore sets too. I am obsessed with cropped printed trousers right now, so the first one was especially fun to make.


As I said, I love printed crop pants right now, so here’s an inexpensive pair I just ordered from F21 for only $19.80. Of course I had to stick with black and white so I can wear them to work.


And most exciting of all!!!!!!!!!! The lower portion of the once relatively derelict and useless Westlake “mall” is getting a Zara! I am so excited they decided to make good use of this prime retail location. It was always kind of depressing walking by there when it was just Lush and a few random shops no one cared about. This place is going to be CRAZY when it first opens. I am beyond excited! Zara online is having huge summer/spring sales so I picked up a couple things online to tide myself over.

5618034053_1_1_1 1482201040_1_1_1

(Both Zara)


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