Blogger’s Block

I’ve been feeling really uninspired the past couple of weeks to write. A combination of fatigue and offline obligations has kept me from sitting down and really thinking of something to share with you all. I’ve been told my blog is great because of its photos. By multiple people. Thinks makes me question whether any of my actual writing is being read. Photos are a large part of my blog and the aesthetic of each of my posts, obviously. As a reader of blogs, I know that I LOVE photos. So it’s entirely understandable. I guess it’s somewhat frustrating not knowing though.

One of the things thats kept me away has been the Phantasmagoria Style instagram. With almost 500 followers in just two weeks, it can get a little addicting adding photo after photo and seeing the likes & follows pile up. It’s a lot less personal and a lot quicker than garnering a following here, but I haven’t been exactly keeping that in mind. For those of you without instagram, or those who secretly creep on the blog/ are too cool for me/ aren’t interested in my writing/ think I have bad taste (Y’all still readin’ it though- joke’s on you!) here’s some little inspiration squares I’ve posted on the ‘gram. Not cohesive, entirely random, but none the less fun and (hopefully) inspiring to browse through.

Instagram: @phantasmagoriastyle


^ HI HELLO HEY, ITS ME! Check out that insane, drugstore lip color


^ Feeling pretty bad ass in my ripped tights & cowboy boots


^ Again, my ripped tights are bad ass 🙂


^ My friend Kayla trying on some dresses during our last trip to Sway & Cake


^ Showin’ off my new cheap chic statement necklace from H&M


^ I almost bought them… almost. Now I regret it 😦


^ Awesome new NARS translucent setting power I picked up at Sephora



^ Nordstrom Rack bling! Cheap chic 🙂


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