Met Moments

Here’s my favorite looks from the red carpet of tonight’s Met Gala, which is arguably one of the biggest nights for fashion, considering it honors the opening of the Metropolitan’s fashion exhibition at it’s Costume Institute. Some celebrities made fools of themselves (*cough* Miley and Nicole), but others really blew me away with their looks tonight. Top 5 were definitely Uma Thurman, Gwen Stefani, Blake Lively, Miranda Kerr, and Kate Beckinsale. Anyone else have any favorites?


Uma Thurman


Gerard “the babe” Butler


Christoph Waltz.. (major old-man crush. It’s totes the accent)Image

Blake Lively. Oh be still, my beating heart… she never fails to knock my socks off. I plan on waking up one day and being her. Just warning you all.


Joan Smalls and Tom Ford… whyyyyy does he have to be gay? By far the most handsome well-known male designer


Anja Rubik. I know a lot of you will disagree with me on this one, but I love this, it’s so funky. It honestly reminds me of the Michael Jackson Thriller jacket.


Kate Mara in Delpozo. It’s refreshing seeing some short hemlines. I love the burgundy color on her pale skin.


Sienna Miller. That jacket is ridiculous!


Olivia Wilde. She can do not wrong. Cropped stuff is showing up everywhere, I’m kind of getting scared. Is the Spice Girl – age bare midriff coming back?


Emma Watson. I love seeing “sweet” girls go a little naughty.Image

“Rooney Mara, that dress…. is amazing on you, you look really pretty. And that hairdo must have taken hours.” (please.. someone get my mean girls joke)Image

Nina Dobrev


Miguel.. cheesin’


Gwen Stefani.. I think she looked so amazing tonight, this look is definitely top three for meImage

Sebastian Stan… ughh I wish I could just dip him in butter and roll him up in a crescent roll and carry him around like a little hot man snack (I crack myself up, obviously)Image

Miranda looking in-Kerr-edible! hahaha POINTS FOR ME! I MADE A FUNNY! No but seriously, top three for me


Kate Beckinsale. Or should I say BANGIN-sale. She is so gorgeous. I love this look. Image

And finally Nicki.. I was so surprised when I saw this I almost didn’t recognize her. Since her interview in V magazine where she was “dressed down” she really seems to have made a concerted effort to look more polished. And I LOVE it. because she really is a stunning woman.. I mean just look at that face. Her makeup is immaculate. This look, to me, is very reminiscent of Rihanna at the Grammy’s last year, no? I hope Miss Minaj sticks with this more sophisticated streak she’s on.


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