Totally Buggin’

“You’re from the 70’s but I’m a 90’s b*tch…”


Today’s post is a fun one. The nineties are coming back full force this year, as many of you noticed. I was inspired by a recent Wild Fox campaign, and a shirt I saw in UO, to do a Clueless – inspired post! Fun fun fun. Anyone who remembers the nineties, or has just seen the movies, knows it was a very… special… time for fashion. However, just like history, fashion repeats itself.


Such a cute spread! I love all the cropped shirts and thigh highs. Finally a trend I can get behind. I was gettin’ pretty discouraged the past couple years or so with all that high/low ombre cross studded neon nonsense. Here’s the shirt I found in Urban Outfitters that gave me a little chuckle


I just realized its backwards, oops. Oh well, you get it haha. You can all see my darker hair in this photo too. Now for some Clueless humor. this movie never gets old. If you couldn’t already tell Murray and Dionne are my favorites, haha.

a7145b61727211f17fdbb9050bb650e3  671fafbfa5255fe050489e8d5f145aec





clueless cher dionne tumblr_mieuztVXdF1rsyukao1_1280


Below is some 90’s inspired duds I found. Click on any item in the set for details.

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