Greige Anatomy (+ H&M Giveaway)

So this has nothing to do with griege goods, I realized that, I just liked the cheeky name. And I mean it IS fashion related. Today I’m sharing anatomy-inspired pieces that are popping up everywhere online. I haven’t seen much in stores, but I really like them. Super funky and not something you’d expect. I don’t know if I’d rock any of these myself, aside from on Halloween, but they sure look cool. I do really like the spine/bone looking ones, as everyone knows I have a propensity for bones.. and wearing them.. haha. And I’m still in love with those Dsquared shoes with the spine heel. And the jewelry is really cool. Ok, I guess I am admitting I WOULD wear this stuff. Some of it.


Terminator, anyone?


Heart-shaped locket 🙂


A lot people really like these bodysuits, I realize. Especially the ones by Black Milk.




The muscle stuff just really looks like bacon to meImageImageImageImage

So neat!


In honor of skeletons and leggings and what not, I’m doing another giveaway this week. I purchased two pairs of leggings and two of a necklace I liked at H&M a while ago, now its your turn to win them!


H&M sugar skull print leggings, medium.


They’re totally new with tags, I only wear the other pair I bought for myself.


These aren’t the exact same, but here’s the incredibly gorgeous Alena Shishkova showing us all just how to rock these leggings.


H&M long chain necklace with blueish grey faux pearl pendant.


Here’s moi wearing the one I bought for  myself


Making it simpler than last time, ’cause I’m feelin’ lazy.

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2. On the Phantasmagoria Facebook page in a message or wall post, tell me what warm weather garment/ accessory your most excited about rocking this summer when the sun’s out. Crop Tops? Gladiators? Flower crowns? Let me know!

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