If The Hat Fits.. Buy It

I’d always had a complex relationship with hats. We love each other, yet we hate each other. As much as we want each other, it hardly ever works out. Ok I’m done with that. But in earnest, I spend most of my time hating hats, ESPECIALLY fedoras. Since that trend popped up on the hipster radar and become a unisex summer staple, I groan every time I see someone I know falling into their trap. I can’t shake the feeling that hats have this discomforting sense of “trying too hard,” someone has to go way out of their way to put that hat on, make sure it looks right, and act like its not there the rest of the day. I know everything we wear is essentially like that, but theres just something about hats. However some of my favorite outfits in popular media have been those with hats, think My Fair Lady, Jackie O’s iconic pink pill pox, Scarlett O’Hara’s straw sunhat, etc. 



There is one hat I discovered recently, that lured me back into our toxic relationship. I was in Target, looking for beach towels, when I saw something white out of the corner of my eye in the men’s section. I discreetly meandered over to it, acting like I was very interested in the ties or something, and picked up my first Panama hat. I’d also like to note that I have an absolutely MASSIVE head. It’s exactly 24 inches (yeah… 2 feet) around. On a hat size chart thats an extra large… in MENS. I guess I just have a huge brain, hah. But the two lonely hats left were a Small and a L/XL. I wandered over to a mirror, looking around to make sure no one was watching, and plopped it on my head. VOILA! It actually fit!


After buying it, I immediately ran home to find inspiration as to how one would wear this and not look like a total.. well, you know what I’d say 😉 I am now in love! The brim is wider than a fedora, so I like to think I can still make fun of those.



I’ve also warmed up to wide brim fedoras. Like the kind of floppy felt ones from Rag & Bone. I’ll do another post on that later though, maybe next fall. So ladies, tell me what you think of this style. Is it a hit or miss? Do hats make you as uncomfortable as I do or am I just being ridiculous?

Ermahgerd! Pernermer Herts!


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