Sink or Swim

‘Tis the season.. to start working on that tan. Well, not here in Seattle, obviously, but I imagine it is getting warmer in some places out there in the real world. Usually there is that mad online rush once a year to the VS swim page where we can see which overpriced and unoriginal flowery brazilian inspired piece of polyester we’ll choose to stretch over our lumps and bumps that summer. Spring 2013, however, is shaping up to be one of the best looking years for the swim industry in a while.


Words like “swimgerie,” and “bay watch,” come to mind for me when seeing what’s been filling up the racks. Victoria’s Secret really surprised me with some of their options this year too. As you may be able to tell, I’m a fan of neutral colored swimsuits, so pardon the lack of pizazz if Rio brights are more your style.



Now the results of my online shopping excursions, I picked out a few pieces from different stores for those of you who share similar taste to mine. Most of these should still be in stock, and the store is listed at the top of each photo collection.

Nastygal finds:


Image^My summer ’13 choice. woohoo

Victoria’s Secret finds:



ASOS finds:


Lisa Marie Fernandez:



72943_10200444143177912_709797541_n 734542_10200444142337891_146756478_n 425130_10200444142177887_1313446879_n 540109_10200444143377917_1487499214_n601480_10200444142417893_1341541531_n 483854_10200444143457919_688747807_n 5298_10200444142257889_1876111103_n 5555_10200444143097910_1674335593_n 149206_10200444143297915_1045431229_n 261275_10200444142937906_1466050536_n 305931_10200444142657899_1132546172_n 10747_10200444142497895_913127034_n 63438_10200444142377892_913286399_n

Let me know what your favorite swim picks are for this summer!

& Hope everyone has a lovely easter ❤


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