I am absolutely, positively, irrevocably, unexplainably obsessed with orange for spring this year. Long regarded as one of the most offensive and difficult-to-pull-off colors, this striking hue has my vote this season. Surprisingly, it is flattering on all skin tones and hair colors. It makes for beautiful bold dresses, and shocking statement lips. I especially like the deeper, more blood-orange variations, and the dusty, muted oranges. Random fashion lesson for the day- one of the most powerful tools in your fashion arsenal is knowing how to mix opposite colors. Orange is a perfect example, it looks so amazing when paired with an equally striking blue. Some of the photos below show this. I dare some of you to try out this color.

Orange on the runway:ImageImageImageMens-and-Womens-Denim-in-Triarchy-spring-summer-2013-Collection-16ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Orange in accessories:ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

^ I love this, its so wacky. Karlie Kloss is byfar my favorite model these days


^Mixing opposite colorsImageImage

^Perrrfection! When is Blake ever not perfect, though?Image01-Kelly-from-New-YorkImage

^This is just exquisite. If I had Zoe’s skin tone I would never take this color off.


^ Mixing opposite colorsImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

^ Mixing opposite colors

^ Mixing opposite colorsImageImage

^ Mixing opposite colorsImage

^ Mixing opposite colorsImageImageImage

^ Definitely the best I’ve ever seen Kim look.ImageImageImageImageImageImage

One use of orange I’m particularly obsessed with is as an eyeshadow. It sounds horrifying, I know, but sometimes even clown colors can look chic when applied just right, take a look.


^ Just heavenlyImageImageImageImageImageImage

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