Rain City II

Spring is most certainly upon us! In the fashion world, that is. Not so much with this perpetually grey Seattle weather. Amongst the chronic grey that seems to shroud the city from the sidewalks to the sky, store windows are going bananas with the brights. Last year, we saw neon devour us all alive, and its sort of refreshing that its not quite come back this year. Because of how the fashion industry works, there is a lag, therefore leaving neons still desirable to a large amount of consumers willing to spend money, even though designers and innovators have moved on. We’re seeing the department store tier show a nice compromise- bright solids and “muted” neons, mixed with pastels. 


Macy’s ^


Target ^


I absolutely adore this Banana Republic display ^


I did find a true neon, in the form of these strappies from the Prabal Gurung x Target pop up, and yes they were very fun, but I only wore my neon crossbody once before hating it, so I know better. I would have liked them better if they had just been a true yellow.


And some of you may have already seen this, but this is a shirt I got at Urban Outfitters that I am in LOVE with. Its very Art-deco inspired with the placement of the sequins. I picture Serena Van Der Woodsen rocking it in the summer time, breaking hearts and working on her tan *sigh


I found this lil’ beaut’ at the Fremont Vintage Mall this weekend and was just stunned by the intricate silver beading. I think it was almost 80 though, which I wasn’t willing to shell out on something I’d have to be that careful with. I may like nice things, but I also have a propensity to mess them up quickly if I’m not careful.


Annndd my awesome leather shopper came, from Bubo Baggins, which you all need to go check out immediately. I use it every.single.day. It’s just perfect.


I was fawning over these Gucci purses everytime I walked by them downtown, the guy inside the store always gave me a weird look when I’d stop and nearly press my nose to the glass like a hungry little orphan. Please, Sir, can I have some more Gucci? 


And a bunch of random crap I either got recently or for Christmas. My weird fur purse is awesome, I don’t care what anyone says. Also, though winters essentially over, I still love silvers. They’re so spunky but elegant. I loved this whole page from the recent issue of NYLON, everything just looks like its covered in pixie dust.



And another proud moment for Emily, when I flipped the page, what did I find? Oh yeah.. a two page spread featuring lucite. BAM. Who called it? I did.


They have some ugly little lucite cuffs with embellishments on them at H&M right now too, but bleckk. I only think it looks good plain. It looks modern and simple and minimalist. It just looks cheap and tacky with sparkly things all over it. Image

So there we have my recent random fashion ramblings, most of which have nothing to do with the city of Seattle, oh well. I will probably post a bunch more polyvore outfit sets tomorrow, which I know some of you may dislike, I’m just so addicted. It’s exactly what I want to do in life- pick out outfits- and I have every item of clothing found on the internet to do it with. Fashion Nirvana.

Hope everyone’s weekend was pleasurable, and may the trends be with you.


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