Death Wish List

These are unfortunately some styles/trends that I see a lot of people wearing.. a lot of the time. Today I’m sharing with you all a list of such styles that, in Emily’s perfect world, would die. Die painfully and crawl back to whatever tasteless world they came from. As you know, my posts are all in good fun, and I know many of you may adore some of these looks, so keep in mind these are just  my personal opinions 🙂


1. (High/low tops) over body con skirts.





C’mon ladies, please be more creative. We’ve seen this worn by millions of screaming little underage girls at concerts and school dances. They’re even worse in neon, in my opinion. Its also a rather juvenile look, something about it screams high school. Try something, ANYTHING, thats a little more unique. Neon isn’t any more eye catching than black when everyone else is wearing it too.

2. Pleated maxi skirts


Never flattering. Not on anyone

3. Bold animal prints


Smaller, tighter (fashion school vocab, ohmagaw! it means when the motif in a print is closer together and there isn’t as much open space) animal prints don’t bother me as much, but the very large, campy looking ones, especially in color, look extremely cheap.

4. Chain/scarf/nautical print

ImageImageSo tacky looking, I hate this. And its everywhere, and considered pretty new too. In two years you will see this in your closet and wonder what you were thinking.

5. Peplum dresses


To clarify, I do appreciate a simple, solid color (okay actually just black or white) peplum top, but in skirts or dresses, this style is an 80s care bear looking hot mess.

6. studded hats


This is not edgy, it is tacky. You will hate it in 6 months. Enough with the studs in general. I still appreciate them in moderation but its getting more difficult considering EVERYTHING is studded. 

7. American flag print


Plain and simple, it looks stupid. Maaaaayyybe on the fourth, but even then not likely.

8. Partially see-through maxi’s


ughhh. I love solid color (again, i mostly mean black) maxis, especially in jersey, but this…

9. Studded/ embellished collars. 


stop it! stop doing this! it is freaking everywhere! not only does its popularity cheapen it and make it less interesting, but its slightly masculine and not flattering at all, since you often see it worn with the shirt buttoned all the way up. You know who else does that? Urkel.

10. Acid wash


I had an acid wash skirt for one of my Barbies when I was little. I threw it away because I hated it.

11. Neon tribal print


If something is EVERYWHERE.. don’t wear it.

12. Sequined Uggs


Uggs are bad enough, but know y’all want em with sequins? C’mon you are setting yourself up to be made fun of. Nordstrom had a whole table in BP shoes dedicated to these this fall and I died a little inside when I walked past.

13. Cut out shoulder blouses


Cut out shoulders in general are losing their flavor for me, but on blouses? Good God please make it stop. It looks like someone was given a reality show challenge to create a sexy outfit from a bunch of their grandmothers clothes, and they just decided to cut the shoulders out with some safety scissors.

14. Crosses


I know a lot of people still like them, and a lot of respectable brands are printing crosses galore, but this print has always just been too severe looking for me. Despite people just wearing it for fun now, I can’t let go of the fact that you are running around eating your pho and instagramming with a massive crucifix on your chest. I am not religious so its not that I find it offensive, this look just isn’t for me. Also.. its freaking everywhere

15. Ombre


To be douchey, the proper term is “gradient” if you’re talking about fabrics. Anyways. Y’all want it in your hair, on your back, on your phone case, on your nails, blah blah blah. It was cute when everyone was on pinterest discovering it at first, but its soooo old now. 

16. Heeled sneakers


Curse you Isabel Marant. What have you done to a generation of young women that could have grown in to real, respectable sneaker heads. Now you have them rocking these gross 2004 throwbacks. I love high tops, but these. Barf. What’s next? Those atrocious stiletto heeled Nikes from years ago?

17. Camo


Why is this an issue? Why has this horrid pattern come back to haunt us this spring? I keep seeing it pop up on more and more racks, on more and more lookbook posts. 

18. Shirt collar necklaces


The shirts are bad enough, why do you need to bring the maddness over to another innocent, unsuspecting outfit that would have been fine without it!?

19. Crop tops


I have found a few exceptions, such as the more 90s looking form fitting solid color ones. But the little swingy ones such as above are a no-no. 

20. Peter Pan collars


Olive Oyl wants her shirt back

21. Animal face shirts


Stop wearing these! They look sooo cheap. 

22. Lace… everything.


Again, massive amounts of lace in a bazillion color choices on every garmet possible. No way, cheapo.

23. Bandage dresses/skirts


This look was intrguing when the world first exposed to the beautiful designs of Herve Leger, but now that its on every rack and shelf and shopping cart, this look needs to retire. Its a shame since its very feminine, flattering, and simple. Just no longer original.


And there you have it, my fashion venting for the week. I’m curious though, what do you guys think? Anything I missed out on? Any disagreements? If you highly contest, show me a look, prove me wrong. Starting a fashion dialogue between fellow creative minds is always fun. Sorry for the massive amounts of negativity, its amazing how enflamed you can get about something you are really passionate about, even if its “just a shirt.”


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