“Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking…”

*warning- this simple pattern observation turns into a huge ramble about life, passions, etc

Oddly enough there HAVE been a lot of florals popping up in the department store window displays. I was a little disappointed because honestly, it’s not that creative. But I realized they were being shown only on pants/jeans. I found this curious, so I kept my eyes open, and as soon as I walked into H&M, BAM there was a huge picture of a girl in flowery pants. RANT- [It’s these types of things that make me feel good about what I’m studying and what my interests are, because however shallow they may be to some, I get genuine pleasure from being able to connect dots and make predictions and confidently offer advice or inspiration to you all. I was brought up in a very academic family, as in you will get struck by lightening if you don’t have a PhD/MD. So studying fashion felt like a weird naughty thing to do. But SO exciting. I’m happy to see (some) of my high school peers following their risky-and-wont-guarantee-a-paycheck dreams. I don’t know how else to say this in a not- cliche or obnoxious way, but if you do what you love, you won’t work a day in your life. Not saying iM aLrEaDY LiVIN thE dREam, BitcHES! But I’m just so thankful that I have one.. thats going to happen.. ’cause I’m making it happen.] – RANT.

Maybe someday, WHEN I’VE HIT THE BIG-TIME!@#%$^%$ I’ll start posting those annoying little photoshopped tumblr quotey things about success and haters and stuff, haha.

hoo-haa back to the flowers! here’s the giant flower girl at H&M


I chuckled a little as I floated down the escalator past “pants” written in huge letters.



obviously there’s something to be said about them if miranda kerr wears them.. more than once

And in the Feb 2013 issue of Nylon, I just found a whole page dedicated to explaining this trend. Again, snaps for my trend spotting, woohoo (below)



and Kristen Whatserbutt, who we obviously haven’t heard/seen enough of for one decade


Patty’s closet.


the last two above were pretty cheap options from target. The lovely Andee DeSilva from “The Honeybee” wears them better than anyone, obviously (below)

ImageNasiha Rose FNO 2


Anyone else notice how despite it being their JOB, clothes never look attractive on models on the runway? I’m obviously just not chic enough to appreciate their upholstered-looking amazonian little boy bodies


and BOYS!!! don’t be afraid to rock your own flowery hunk trunks! I’m kidding, don’t really do that. It may be legal in WA now, but I’m not so sure about the rest of the country.

so.. just to clear things up.. i will never wear this. It was just an observation. Some of you may like it, but just doesn’t tickle my fashion fancy.

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