Reel Style

No I didn’t misspell real. Today I’m sharing what I’ve found to be some of those most style-inspiring films of the past few decades or so. I’ve chosen not to delve back into the likes of Audrey, Grace Kelly, and such because this post might never end. Since becoming more aware of costuming and fashion history through school, watching movies has been that much more fun now that I can appreciate more deeply the costumes, hair, makeup, etc. Now keep in mind that these are my personal choices as to what I’ve found inspiring. So if you’re looking for an ode to breakfast at Tiffany’s, Clueless, or another very generically inspiring film, then gtfo. This is also the most pic-heavy post I’ve ever done, ye be warned.

Black Swan


Millenium Trilogy (Girl With The Dragon Tattoo)




Garden of Eden

Imagecaterina-murino-as-marita-in-hemingway-s mena-suvari-as-catherine-bourne-in-hemingway mena-suvari-catherine-bourne-and-jack-huston jack-huston-as-david-bourne-in-hemingway mena-suvari-catherine-bourne-and-caterinaImageImageImageImage

The Devil Wears Prada


Factory Girl


Marie Antoinette

Image ImageImageImageImageImage

Lords of Dogtown

Vanity Fair

Gypsy 83

Under the Tuscan Sun

Practical Magic
Nicole-in-Practical-Magic-19-nicole-kidman-4927347-1016-570 nicole-kidman-and-practical-magic-gallery PM sisters in kitchen Practical_Magic_768 Practical-Magic-practical-magic-6122071-360-235 Practical-Magic-practical-magic-12640980-360-240 practical-magic-sandra111909 PracticalMagicpracticalmagic12641199576379 459811_1275793478086_full pm6 PRACTICAL-MAGIC_2 ss3050138_-_photograph_of_nicole_kidman_as_gillian_owens_from_practical_magic_available_in_4_sizes_framed_or_unframed_buy_now_at_starstills__73179 kidman-bullock


Titanic-Costumes-corset-costume-img-11-362x483 rose-titanic titanic1 Titanic-Costumes-deck-costume-img-8-322x483 0910titanic3_fa jumpdress Titanic_Rose_and_Mother_at_Tea-342x289 Titanic-Costumes-fly-costume-img-9-322x483 images-1 Molly-Brown-titanic-3032890-720-540 4c85c4d7dfd96a282a3c72bbcc40320bbf5df7d08f4028b3429b831f

Pulp Fiction
Uma-Thurman-John-Travolta-pulp-fiction-30439234-600-467 uma-thurman-pulp-fiction PULP FICTION UMA THURMAN Jack Rabbit Slims PULP FICTION 5D6E7A3DE0B7804522971D60CBB1DUma-in-Pulp-Fiction-uma-thurman-119365_240_320

Pretty Woman

pretty-woman pw 2 8 c63db9c0-8bd4-43d6-b006-1dab3fb1ac1bHiRes julia-roberts-pretty-woman-photo-3 prettywoman tumblr_m9lo2gbG4r1qaecqao1_400 Meeting 1 pretty-woman-1990-19-g Happy-Birthday-Pretty-Woman-1-mdn julia_roberts2 990PWM_Julia_Roberts_010 pretty-woman-1

heathers1 Heathers2 burned Heathers_7_long_large HEATHERS heathers1-1 heathers01

tumblr_m2xy1pVbQr1rqhmmno1_500 Flashdance-flashdance-2823774-306-320 Jennifer-Beals-in-Flashdance-movie Flashdance_Jennifer-Beals_grey-ripped-t-shirt.bmp1 Flashdance-flashdance-4575048-800-500 flashdance3

The Rose

hero719_therose3 la_rosa_1979_2 1083_020147.jpg the_rose_the_rose_1979_portrait_w858 the-rose TheROSE1979 1083_020143.jpg 1083_020146.jpg The_Rose_56264_Medium 1083_020148.jpg

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