Stud Muffin

I hate that phrase, don’t you? It makes me laugh and cringe a little saying it. Very short post this evening. I got a message asking where the Zara studded ankle boots I posted in my Christmas wish list could be found, since I forgot to mention they are sold out. I found a pair in my size on ebay, but today as I was trolling the depths of the online shopping world, I found a wayyy cheaper look a like on forever 21’s website.


Anywaydoe dey kute. They’re only $39.95, which if you like this style but don’t $200+ like it, is perfect.

I’m still deciding between these and the hasbeens. Middle class white female problems, oh how you burden me.


And both of these, of course, were adaptions (not knockoffs, there is a difference- this is the kind of flibbititygibbet I learn in fashion school) of the Chloe Susan boot that would have set you back over $800.


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