Post Apocalypse Post

Well the world didn’t end, the Ananaki didn’t return, and there was so brimstone. I’m a little disappointed, honestly. I was really hoping for some abductions and acid rain. It’s been my first time home for a long time in a long time (yeah I meant that, not a typo), it’s been both frustrating and deliciously fun in different ways 🙂 Life continues to surprise me more and more. The only really bad thing has been the realization that I come from quite possibly one of the dumpiest dressed places I’ve ever been. I went shopping a couple days ago and all I could think was “Bless this little place’s heart,” as I went into the one or two clothing stores we have here. Its amazing how one can forget about all the creative stimulation and well dressed people surrounding us while living in a city. Not that Seattle is even that fashionable a place either. I don’t quite understand how I was able to foster an interest in fashion growing up here. Gives spinning gold from straw a whole new meaning.


One thing I did pick up was this locally made up-cycled clutch. They had a few and are all made from old upholstery. I liked this one, very Native American/Byzantine looking. It’s nice supporting local fashion endeavors, it makes the piece feel that much more special.


I am DYING for a pair of these jodhpur hasbeens. BLAH. I’d rather wait to get a real pair than find a cheaper alternative. They’re so classic and easy to walk in actually! Though they’re “swedish” hasbeens, the renowned Italian shoemaking and leatherwork are what make these babies last for generations.


Just thought i’d share this fun little bit of news with you. The trolls came out with a new crocodile skin backpack for their main line The Row, costing a cool 55 grand. And its covered in.. pills? I would make a few inappropriate self deprecating jokes here but I’ll refrain.

I’ve been gaining more and more of an appreciation for 90’s style this year, those who sympathize  should check out drew barrymore’s “Poison Ivy” Her 90’s wild child style is so adorable. Her hair looks like mine, so that was exciting too 🙂


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