Rain City: One

If you have me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve already seen some of this stuff, but I wanted to do a little post about what I’ve been doing and seeing while here in the city. As I write this, there is a homeless gentleman banging two cans together outside my window in the alley below. Quieter and more relaxing than my neighbors in SU’s dorms last year, actually. I’ll take a schizophrenic over a drunken 18 year old any day. Here’s some random and mostly bad quality photos of fashion-y- and sometimes not- things filling up my camera roll. Image

I love this sweater. I’ve only taken it off to shower in the past three days. Since I changed my eating habits, I’ve been getting a lot colder so I’m enjoying the simple pleasures of a sweater for the first time in like, ever. I also force myself to drink a lot of water, and putting it in a wine glass just makes it seem that much more appealing. My hair looks like a real swell shade of apricot here. Interesting.Image

35 dolla at H&M. Its so long you can wear it as a dress with leggings or tights.


MYYYYYY COOAAATT. I put it in my last post but oh baby it needs another chance in the spotlight. No one’s insulted it to my face yet, so until I get called an astronaut or the Michelin man, haters gon hate.


This is how mongo the bag it came in was. This doesn’t do it justice, really. I am no small girl, and I can sit in this bag.


trying to sell these babies. any FH readers, get at me, size 8-9

I’ve been reading about the dangers of stretching your skin while removing makeup. I know my high school tanning habits will probably leave me at a greater risk for wrinkles, but I picked up some Vitamin E oil at Tenzing Momo at Pike Place to put around my eyes anyways. I put it on before bed and look like I rubbed KFC all over my peepers, but wake up with nice soft skin.Image

I was watching Bus Stop and few other Marilyn movies and started taking note of her often grayish eyeshadow. If you ever look up tutorials or how to’s on Marilyn looks, theres always a very cakey grey and white eye, so I tried a softer one with a hint of brown. Bad quality I know, but you get the idea. I also did my hair with just a flatiron, which I was very proud of. Looks better than when I use a curling iron, I think.Image

My bad ass trash can. Not fashion-related at all but it was about time it made a cameo on the blog. Image

I bought these almost a year ago, but these shoes have been one of the best investments Ive ever made. Perhaps moreso than my education. I’ve managed to keep them pretty white too, considering I wear them almost every day.

After spotting the Baggu leather shopper a couple years ago, I was itching for a similar cheaper bag. Shoppers never seem to catch on like wildfire or anything, but theres always a few hanging on racks at H&M, F21, and other mainstream joints. I love the look of a simple black leather one, after I made the unfortunate decision to buy a neon pink and suede last spring. Cant decide if i want to keep it for warmer days or sell the damn thing. I’ve still never carried it. Anyways, I’ve been carrying around an extremely cheap alternative that I found at none other than the amazing value village. Who says its just for hipsters and the destitute? I like that I can fit all my crap, even my school stuff, in it and that theres a nerdy little pocket for my phone on the front. I also discovered that a small baguette or one of those thin bottles of wine fits into the larger pocket on the front. Party in a bag!Image

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