What’s That Jacket, Margiela?


So I hope you get my Kanye reference with the post title, if not, shame on you. Anyways I am so excited to do this post today. Since I was in H&M downtown last, the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M collection FINALLY arrived in their store. As a lesser known designer, someone of you may not have heard of this label. They create some of the most sumptuous, modern, and sometimes out-there pieces. I can see the asian influence in a lot of their styles, with many pieces being very reminiscent of Alexander Wang and Thakoon and such. They use a lot of neutral colors, and this collection very trend-heavy, with a lot of high-fashion looking pieces that are impossible to find in stores as cheap as H&M. I fell victim to my love of “bossy” fashion as one of my instructors described me. I loved that by the way, made me feel super special. I bought perhaps the most outrageous piece in the collection, their insane asymmetrical puff coat. It’s seriously only a zipper short of being a sleeping bag. But its SO WARM! The heels in the collection were lucite too, which made me go BOOYAH, I WAS RIGHT. Now if only my trend forecasting abilities could earn me some money. There was a seriously phenomenal leather jacket that was all deconstructed and piece that I wanted but they only had sizes 2 and 4 left. You’ll see it in the photos and go bananas as I did, I’m sure. The only downfall of the collection, even despite it being at H&M is that it is quite expensive for H&Ms usual price point. Pieces run about 100-500 dollars, my coat selling originally for $370 but was on sale for $150. Lucked out. Being a temporary collection, however, these pieces are well worth the price. H&Ms new practice of inviting higher end lines such as Versace to do collaborations is so wonderful. However once these pieces sell out, they are gone forever. Good luck finding any of them on ebay that aren’t being sold for twice their retail price. So if you’re a triple M fan, I implore you to run over and scour this collection. I wish I could go back and buy everything, especially a pair of the black lucite heeled booties. The jewelry is really interesting too, very industrial. I have to make a stop at the IBM building downtown today and am going to strut down fifth ave in my outrageous coat. ImageImageImageImage

My ridiculous coat ^ I know some of you will laugh at me for this.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

The delicious leather jacket! Its even more lovely in person. ^ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


Its celeb- approved ^


So excuse my lack of makeup and just plain decent-looking-ness in the photo below, I’m suffering the consequences of a very late night. 


ImageI feel kinda like amber rose of one of my many swedish style blogger messiahs. Takes courage to wear pieces like this. I have such respect for people who try things that some may consider in bad taste. They’re often the ones people emulate later down the fashion cycle when the masses finally accept a look.  I’m also thankful to not live on the island anymore where I’d be shunned for wearing something like this. Sweet fashion freedom.


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