Foundation Routine

Doing these makeup posts has become a quick fix instead of doing “real” fashion posts, sorry. I got a request on my foundation routine, and decided to just take some pictures as I was putting on my makeup tonight. This ones going to be a funny one, since its definitely one of those “if you walk in on surgery half way it looks like murder” situations. But the more time you take and attention to detail you pay, the better the final result. I used a really garish light so you could see just how imperfect my skin is initially, and exactly how each product looks on my skin on its own. I hate watching tutorials and they film the whole thing from their little photo booth camera and their skin looks perfect from start to finish essentially because the low quality keeps you from seeing anything. 

1. Concealer. Typically I use a light, but skin toned concealer, but I just ran out and my new one is still in the mail, so I used my green one from physicians formula. The reason for the green is (as you may have guessed) green is opposite red on the color wheel, thus canceling out redness in your skin. Oh and I apply this concealer with my ring finger, because its the weakest and applies the least pressure. Before I put on my foundation I apply my liquid eyeliner too, so I don’t smudge my foundation while applying the eyeliner.

2. Foudation. I used the revlon photo ready with the pump top in shell. I use a small (ish) flat brush to essentially “paint” the foundation on. it takes a while, but its what i’ve become accustomed to  doing. Some people use a sponge which is truthfully easier, but I feel I use less product cause the sponge isn’t absorbing half of every pump. In the photo below you’ll the spots i pump the foundation onto my face, and then what it looks blended around. 

3. Powders. After my foundation is on and looks even, I dust a translucent powder all over my face to set the foundation. I use a cover girl loose powder and a large powder brush. After that I use an angled brush to apply my bronzer/dark contour. I use NARS laguna. I apply this in a circular motion under my cheek bones (make a fish face!) on my temples, on my hairline, under my chin, under my jawline, and on the sides of my nose (this slims and straightens the nose) though thank god i don’t have a witchy bird beak or anything 😉 Next I apply a tiny bit of my crazy coral blush on my apples and drag it back above the bronzer. Then I use a white highlighter/ eyeshadow to highlight the bridge of my nose, my cupids bow, the under sides of my mouth, my cheek bones, my center forehead, above my eyebrows, and just above my mandibles. 

5. Above is the result on its own, and below is with my lips, eyes, and eyebrows done. No photoshop or filters or blah blah on any of these

6. So no one takes these unflattering HD photos of themselves, so here’s some photo booth and instagram photos that show just how even and creamy this technique makes your skin look. 


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