Crossing the Line

Today I’m going to share how I do my eyeliner. It may not be anything new or spectacular to some of you, as it is pretty basic. I do my eyeliner before applying foundation, so that I don’t get any finger marks on the sides of my eyes. I prefer to draw a thicker line and a shorter wing to get a heavy marilyn-lid look. Extra length on the outer corners can be added with false eyelashes, though I’m not going to be applying them here.

The eyeliner I use is the Sephora brand name liquid liner in basic black. I’ve used this for a couple years now just out of habit. I prefer eyeliners with a brush tip rather than a sponge tip because you can make finer lines, and the amount of liner in the bottle just seems to last longer for some reason.

1. First pull your upper lid taut. This allows you to draw a straighter line and follow the contour of your lash line.


2. Start from your inner corners and using several brush strokes, build your line across your upper lid, staying as close to your eyelashes without delving into the eyelashes themselves.


3. Once you’ve brought your line to the opposite end of the lid, draw a thin 20 degree line to serve as the bottom of your wing. Be careful to keep it short, as you can always add more later. Avoid drawing it at too severe of an angle, so you don’t bring your wing up into your crease. If you make this mistake, your wing will look like its popping out of your crease when you open up your eyes. If you follow the natural shape of your eye, you’ll see where your crease ends and where to bring the wing.


4. Fill in the space you’ve created above the line and connect it with the rest of your eyeliner, drawing somewhat of a straight line from the outer tip of your wing line into the rest of the liner, then build the line to your preferred thickness.


5. Go back to the inner corner of your lids and draw a very thin line downwards past your tear ducts to the bottom of your eye. If you have down turned eyes like me, this adds to the “cat-like” shape your creating where you outer lids look upturned. Finally, using the dark eyeshadow color you plan on using on your lids, use a thin brush to drag the color along your lower lash line instead of using the actual liner. Keep the inner corner free of anything but your highlighter (white-ish) color so that your eyes look wider. You can even add some white eyeliner to your waterline to make your eyes look bigger. After all this, you should have a nice sultry looking upper lid that connects well with your dark shadow color on your outer corners.


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