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I was hesitant to branch out, since this IS a fashion blog, but I was feeling a little detached from my posts, focusing more and more on the styles of other artists, designers, and creative minds, while my own talent seemed to be falling by the wayside. Besides its a blog, basically a free pass to talk about myself. Kidding. Kind of.  A personal and easily shared avenue that came to mind was makeup. I put it on everyday, I’m good at it (I like to think so, at least) and I am aware enough to be able to write about it. All the ingredients for a successful post. Plus I live five minutes away from Sephora (Booya!). I also really wanted an excuse to do a makeover on someone, and this is now my excuse, “Hold still, its for my blog!” So buckle your seat belts, you’re in for some serious emily-making-an-ass-of-herself looks and hopefully a few good ones thrown in from time to time.

We’ll start at the very beginning, a very good place to start (Sound of music reference? Anyone?) Here are the products I use every day that I’m feeling motivated enough to put makeup on. Which truthfully is not every day. Maybe 50% of the time.. which is actually more than I did in High School. As you’ll see I am not a snob when it comes to brands. A combination of being poor, having lived on an island with only one little drugstore, and being highly improvisational has left me as comfortable using wet n wild as i would chanel. So let me first name all the stuff I use then give a few basic rules. And things you should avoid. actually I may have to do a whole post on makeup no-nos that piss me off because I see people EVERYWHERE doing them. You don’t have to be super talented to apply makeup well, just aware of symmetry, your own personal color schemes, and detail.


Brushes- Somewhere online, can’t remember (helpful, right?) Eyeshadow Palette- Bella il Fiore, from Daisy Bloom. Blush-bronzer duo- NARS orgasm and laguna from Sephora. Mascara- Big Fatty by urban decay From Sephora. Lipstick- NYX Circe from Cherry Culture. Concealer- Maybelline from drugstore. Foundation- Revlon photo ready in shell from drugstore. Powder- Covergirl loose powder from drugstore. Eyeliner- Sephora brand liquid eyeliner from Sephora. Lipliner- NYX in peekaboo neutral from Cherry Culture. Brow pencil- Maybelline from drugstore. Lipgloss- NYX whipped from Cherry Culture. Blush- Sonia Kashuk in sunset from Sephora.

It may seem like a lot of stuff to some, but from a makeup lover’s stand point its really basic. Other things I use off and on are false lashes, darker lipstick, and maybe a different colored eye shadow. Here’s what I look like when I use all of these, and these EXACTLY (ok plus falsies) No filter, photoshop or any other magic on this picture. just me. Its my Im-too-lazy-to-try-something-new look:


Basic rules. If you aint doin’ these then you doin’ it WRONG

1. Use brushes. Don’t use your goddamn fingers to do anything. I mean it. I used to use my fingers for foundation in middle and early high school and it makes a huge difference when you use brushes. cleaner, better blending, and quicker. I use a flat brush to do foundation while a lot of people use sponges. Matter of preference I guess.

2. EYEBROWS. Pay very special attention to your eyebrows. the shape, color, and length of your eyebrows is so important, and a lot of people seem to miss this. This doesn’t just mean filling them in or just plucking them, it means really learning to pluck to sculpt them. and filling them in so that they look enhanced, but still have a natural color and shape. They are really a dead giveaway as to whether or not you know what you’re doing. A lot people don’t know, but the pros trim their eyebrows. I do this too, and see a lot of people who really should. Brush them upwards and trim with tiny scissors. Heres a picture so you can see just how subtle my filling is on my eyebrows.


3. Contour. don’t just slap on some foundation and call it good. you have to set the foundation with a clear or light powder so that it doesn’t get funky through out the day, and so that your other powders go on easier. You need to be using a bronzer or contour powder too to add dimension to your cheeks, jawline, temples, and nose. Blush is also important too. A lot of younger people shy away from it, but its just a matter of using the right color. Don’t use a bright ass pink that will make you look like Miss Piggy, look for something thats very nearly a face powder with just a hint of color, or learn to use a bright color sparsely. Mine is this bright tangerine/ coral color, but i just use a tiny bit and blend really well so it looks oh so subtle. Here’s the color up close so you can see how clownish it looks in the compact


4. Lipliner! People always seem to forget about this too! you wonder why lipstick on celebs and models looks so crisp and sexy, its because they lined first. It creates a buffer from the rest of your face so that your lips are more defined and don’t end up looking like you ate fried chicken or something when you put on lipgloss.

5. Use liquid eyeliner. don’t bother with pencil unless you are using it on your waterline. it is messy looking and fades/bleeds through out the day. I know some people say liquid is too hard, but if you practice practice practice it gets easier. IMPORTANT- don’t go over board with the “winging” or cat eye. learning to make a very subtle wing that follows the shape of your eye is so important. Let Mascara or falsest add the extra drama. also DONT line your lower lid. I did this forever and regret it so much now. just use a thin brush to drag whatever dark eyeshadow your using a long the outer 2/3 of your lower lash line. it keeps your eyes from looking squinty or too close together.

6. You better not be using just one color on your lids. you need at least two. highlighting on your brow bone under your brow is so important. same with highlighting your inner eyes. then you need a mid color to drag from your crease upward to create that nice blended, gradient look, and then a dark color on your crease line to add depth and to blend your little “wing” of eyeliner so that it doesn’t look like you tried to draw some weird eqyptian things on your eyes.

So I could go on forever, but these are some very basic rules that I hope you people take time to read, because they can make a HUGE difference in your routine. Taking the time really focus on each part of your face makes for a better overall look. I believe the more time you take, and the more careful you are, the better, which usually leaves me taking over an hour to put all my makeup on. Its worth it though, because its the first thing people look at when they see you. Putcho’ best face forward!

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