Clip Clip Hooray

Sweater clips. Cardigan clips. Sweater guards. Whatever you choose to call them. These mid-century accessory staples seem to be one of the most forgotten about little adornments. After perusing Chanel and Nordstrom with a friend last week, I saw an adorable clip with the interlocking C emblem in their jewelry case. I stared at it, couldn’t figure out what it was, then it dawned on me today. I spent sometime looking up some clip inspiration for you all. While these can easily look like the most matronly granny accessory ever, there were a few I came across that I loved. The ones with more modern designs like spikes and asymmetry are my favorites. They’re abetter alternative to the ridiculous “body jewelry” trend (can you tell I’m not a fan?) thats a lot more wearable and doesn’t appear to be trying as hard. I want to get home to my jewelry making supplies and bust one of these out myself!


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