I don’t typically share stories from my own day to day happenings on here with all of you, but today I have some news that I just can’t bear to keep to myself. Next tuesday, the 25th, Phantasmagoria’s picking up and moving to the emerald city. I’m starting classes at the Art Institute of Seattle, studying fashion marketing, on October first, and am living in a little one bedroom with a roommate on 2nd & lenora. I had a depressing and disastrous experience living in Seattle for a few months last fall, attending Seattle University, but I’ve sworn to make this launch a successful one. I’m studying something I’m actually interested in, not living in a goddam dorm, and have a few close friends near by to explore the city with. I have all my clothes packed up, which is the majority of what I’m bringing, and am just counting down the days. After possibly, actually no- certainly, the worst year of my life- spending more time in hospitals, ambulances, and in medicated stupors than having fun and enjoying life- I am so happy to begin living again. I need this change to survive, and I am ready to embrace it wholeheartedly. I am so happy to be working towards a career in something I truly am passionate about, something I don’t consider work at all, and the number of zero’s on my paychecks will not be of interest to me. My stylist/editor/buyer dreams are all very real goals to work towards, and I am happy to finally be on the right track. Access to bazillion dollar cameras, more interesting locations, and creative minds galore will really benefit the blog too. I am so excited to commit myself and my time to new, fashionable endeavors.


In honor of my pilgrimage, I thought what better post theme to do than grunge. Cigarettes, doc martens, plaid, ripped hems, denim, layers, unkempt hair, dark lipstick, coffee, hosiery, zippers, studs, rock n roll, chunky knits, and generational attitude of “fuck it.” Seattle came into focus as true city of culture in the 1990’s with the grunge onslaught, and has since become a mecca for the impoverished, creative, American youth. Though the flannels have been traded in for skinny jeans, and the bleached manes for ironic facial hair, the scent of teen spirit still lingers in the 206, with ghosts of rock legends past and coffee grounds haunting us through the city.


So mostly what I have for you today is a huge load of inspirational photos. Since I’m still on the island right now, I can’t go out and do any fun street style hunting just yet. To switch things up, and because I’ve received a few comments about it, I’ll also do an outfit of my own today. You all just like seeing me make a fool of myself, don’t you. So these photos are a mixture of authentic 90’s inspiration and pictures from grunge-wannabe editorials that I gathered from tumblr and other blogs. I’d like to take a moment to pay tribute to some of the 90’s & 90’s-influenced goddesses captured here, without whose style, this post wouldn’t be possible- D’arcy Wretzky, Courtney Love, Zoe Kravitz, the Olsen Twins, Fiona Apple, and Kate Moss.




I feel I need to share with you one look in particular that just encapsulates my interpretation of an up-to-date grunge look- Rihanna’s “We Found Love” video. It is jam-packed with deliciously dirty style that is the perfect hipster-grunge compromise. I particularly appreciate her looks in this video because- as I’ve stressed many times before- she hasn’t lost her sex appeal amidst her grunge garb.

And to wrap things up, my take on grunge. I don’t usually dress this way obviously. This was very much just for fun. Too many layers and too much makeup. Maybe I’ll incorporate some homeless style into my wardrobe when i get to the city, but for now I’m content playing pretend. Sorry the photos are just photo booth, I couldn’t find my camera. Anyways, I turned on some smashing pumpkins, headed out to my porch, and this is what I came up with.



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