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I had the wonderful opportunity to visit my friend Kayla this weekend while I was in Bellingham. A talented hairdresser and model, I lucked out when she agreed to let me style and shoot her for a post. We put together some fun, casual (ish) looks using a combination of both our wardrobes and featuring Phantasmagoria (my) jewelry. Except for the incredible body chain which Kayla crafted herself 🙂 We had some great spots planned but of course it’s Washington so our luck ran out quick weather-wise as it began to rain right as she was done with her makeup. I didn’t have time to take down the brand names of every piece as we literally jumped in the car to race to ferry seconds after taking the last shot. We were hoping to hook up with one of Kayla’s photographer friends with a fancy-pantsy camera but we got too busy, so these will have to do *sigh. You might recognize some of the jewelry from previous posts or from etsy. Either way, go check out my shop! 



Victorian inspired. phantasmagoria curio necklaceImageImageImage

70’s inspired. Phantasmagoria feather & vertebrae earrings.ImageImage

Phantasmagoria asymmetrical bone necklace.ImageImageImage

Halloween? Phantasmagoria dream catcher earring. ImageImage

My personal favorite. Phantasmagoria tooth necklace.ImageImageImageImage

Phantasmagoria vertebrae necklace.ImageImage

Phantasmagoria bone necklace.ImageImageImage

Kayla’s incredible body chain she made!ImageImage

Our Clockwork Orange Alex DeLarge look! Super fun random idea I had that ended up looking awesome!Image




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