The Cat Came Back

The very next day. They thought she was a goner but the kitty came back. 

‘Cause she couldn’t stay away.


Forever 21 daisy bra top. Phantasmagoria (das me!) deer bone necklace. Adventure bound leather jacket.


Phantasmagoria floss wrapped deer bone single.


Got inspired by carls hockey skates to change out the laces on my f21 lace ups.


Have my own JCampbell everest knock offs now! lol
Forever 21 lace up pumps. Genetic denim “the morrison” motorcycle jean. Thrifted purse

Random super duper contrasted pics ’cause I’m an egomaniacal filter fiend.

I wish I could get a good enough photo to show you all of how odd colored my tongue is right now from eating skittles. 😛

I’ve been slacking on posts, I know. I got caught up in making jewelry and expanding my etsy site so I haven’t been totally fruitless… unfruitful? Fruity? You know what I mean. I’ve got around 20 items up and priced and tagged everything, now I just need some TRAFFIC. And buyers would be nice too. I have my prices set pretty high because I only have one of most things at the moment, but hopefully that will change so I can offer things at more reasonable prices. I’ve been pretty pleased with myself about my products. I started it for fun and realized that hey, I have good taste in jewelry, and oh hey hey- I can make it myself. I think a lot of people see my stuff and think “Wow, neat, I could make that myself!” but what pleases me most is I’m the one who actually is making it. At heart rocks eye, a lot of people walk by and say that same thing and all I could ever think was –yeah, great, but are you? no. So I guess it’s not necessarily the quality I’m proud of but rather the fact that I’m just doing it. Those of you who have me on FB or follow me on twitter or instagram have  probably seen all the pieces I’ve posted, but for the rest of the world- here’s my work! Available on etsy!




My dutiful assistant

So go buy stuff, quick! Everything is essentially one of a kind, especially the larger pieces like necklaces. I use only materials I find and collect, so if you like something, make it yours now. I’m giving a 10% off coupon code to all you beautiful readers of mine because you’re ma favs, obvs. Enter phantasmagoriablog at check out and get your discount!


Now onto something I’ve been itching to do- another lust list. Not quite as fun as seeing me make a fool of myself in funny outfits- but here you go:


Chicy velvet galaxy dress. 


Minusey high tops


Sam Edelman Zoe boot


Twist Ankle zip wax coated skinnies


Bebe Selita Scuba Heels


Bebe seamed mesh bodycon


Zara lucite strappy heel (whole post on lucite soon!)

Nastygal flag denim jacket
Vintage Tibetan Lamb Rockstar Shag Coat 

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