Cloud Nine

I heard some Katy Perry song for the first time on the radio today and had the phrase cloud nine stuck in my head ever since. I think it goes nicely with some of the random findings and tidbits I have to share with you today in that they are largely soft materials, colors, and silhouettes. Then some leather and metal to contrast it of course 🙂 Because of my incredible job with Heart Rocks Eye, I’ve been on kind of a “natural” kick in my fashion choices, but not how you may think. I’ve been leaning towards lots of leather, feathers, skins, and raw stones and metals. Something about wearing parts of the earth feels very grounding (pun intended) which helps me since I’m usually up in the clouds, like a good pisces should be.

Random Instagram Shots


Mixit oversize wavy-stich sweater. Thrift store find today.


I am IN LOVE with this shirt. Worthington silk snake print blouse.


My mother’s old ballet slippers from when she took ballet when I was really little. I wore these once in high school as flats and got lots of curious comments. Now that I am a little bolder, I’ll be rocking these till they turn to shreds.


Best $40 I ever spent, perhaps. Soda lace up combat boot. 

Crazy Horse linen button up. 


Esprit leather vest. One of my best thrift store finds, I believe. Copped this morning.

Thrifted white leather drawstring pouch. It has little glass beads and some kind of ivory tooth thing on the braided handle. Really cool find. 


Pyrite chunk I’ve had since I was little. My favorite stone. Thinking of wire wrapping it and making a necklace.


Jeffery Jeffery black satin blazer. Another awesome thrift store find. 


Antique real tortoise hide pocket mirror. This was my grandmothers or some relative of mine’s. This sat in a curio cabinet in my house forever, but I’ve been carrying it around in my purse as of late.


Oh the wonderful things I could say about this purse. I’ve used it in another post already, but I’d like to officially introduce her/him to you all. This is an unmarked leather bag I got at the thrift store that has been an everyday staple the past couple weeks. At first glance it looked kind of like some nerdy mini briefcase thing, but it has grown on me. It reminds me a little of the Proenza Schouler PS1, where you can carry it by the top handles and leave the long strap hanging. Anyway, awesome find!

Here’s a few other things I just ordered online that haven’t come yet.

Forever 21 criss-cross back top. I ordered this with the intent of wearing it backwards, with the crisscross front, with the black bra top (below) underneath it-

Forever 21 Bra top. I’m excited to see if this little gaultier-inspired vision of mine works out.

Forever 21 lace up platform bootie.  


Kept it real, kept it simple. I just had an appointment to go to and some prescriptions to pick up

Forever 21 kimono jacket. Unmarked satin tanktop. Soda lace up boots.

Vintage silver bell necklace.

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