Sailor Moon

The fourth of July came early this year.. by way of my outfit today. I actually didn’t realize how red-white-and-blue I was until after I uploaded all these photos. I guess I had some subconscious patriotic urges that just couldn’t wait another week. I can’t wait to take my camera with me to work out at Roche on the actual fourth and see if there’s any summer style worth documenting out there. I kept it casual and comfortable today as I dressed to do some errands and later head to a friend’s graduation party (though I couldn’t stay long as I’ve found myself an incubus of the viral plague) but of course I was healthy enough to strike some poses in the mirror (what girl ever isn’t?) and share with you all.


Levi’s denim jacket. H&M striped dress. Buxton cross body 



First photo of my face! Hello world. H&M pyramid necklace. Icing gold nose ring.


Geneva gold oversize watch. Thrifted chain link bracelet. Vintage gold and (ruby? garnet? I’ve never looked into it) ring.


ASOS Gold spike bracelet. Other bracelets thrifted.



Ked’s sneakers.

Here’s what I wore this morning while running some errands, just wanted to show this adorable bright purple sweater (Didn’t photograph as bright as it really is) that I coped at the thrift store last week. I should have included it in my last post but it slipped my mind.


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4 thoughts on “Sailor Moon

  1. Im thinkin you should talk to Ian B and suggest he include your blog in his update. You and I know that the woman on this island could use some clever concepts to brighten their day.

    1. I actually ran into him at Amanda’s grad party and he told me to send him a link! I hope he likes it and can get me some more traffic. Thanks Lauren!

  2. Hey, I stumbled upon your blog researching a shoe brand. When you say Roche, are you referring to Roche Harbor, WA? My fuance’ is from the island & worked at Roche Harbor Restaurant..

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