Mint Julep

     Quick post today! One of two, actually. I just wanted to share this necklace I’m oh-so-excited about that I got from Forever 21 a bit ago. I think it cost around fifteen dollars, so definitely a steal. I recommend not investing too much in trendy pieces (this being trendy in that its “mint”) and only invest in better quality more timeless pieces. Advice that we probably all received from our female elders on our beginning shopping expeditions. Depending on what you do, your lifestyle, and your style, there is something to be said for cheap jewelry. Despite easy discoloration and breakages of all kinds, it often gets the job done. Bib style necklaces are somewhat dated, so theres another reason keepin’ it cheap was a good idea, and I can still get the same oh-so-popular look. I am hoping next week I will be able to do a post on the incredible and earth-conscious Heart Rocks Eye jewelry by the incredible Kirsten Carter. I recently started working for her out at Roche Harbor and my experience has been great. Her pieces are so unique and ornate, I can’t wait to share them with you all and once we get her Etsy site up and running, hopefully get some of it ON you all!



Forever 21 Mint Bib Necklace




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