Welcome to Phantasmagoria

I made it, I finally made it. I made a style blog. I’m not sure whether to be nervous, excited, relieved, or what. Sharing feelings is scary. Sharing feelings through how you dress is even scarier. So sharing feelings through how you dress online for the whole world to see could perhaps be the scariest. I’ve never blogged before, so I must ask for patience and understanding from those of you stellar folk who’ve decided to embark upon this mess with me. I say mess in the best way possible, as I am looking forward to the bad feedback, embarrassing photos, critiques, and judgements, as that is precisely why I created a blog. To be seen, to be heard, to be read. To splatter my own mess across the interwebz, and hopefully meet a few other colorful individuals doing it. I’ve chosen the name “Phantasmagoria” because not only is it a badass-sounding word, but it conveys my approach to fashion & aesthetics in that change, dynamicity, & imagination are paramount. Whether inspirational or horrifying, fashion should be an ever- changing menagerie of creativity.

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