Glow Baby

A rare and eccentric gem indeed. Sold out in most H&M stores nationwide, the H&M Spring 2012 Fashion Fringe Rave Neon Yellow Lime Beaded Necklace (mouthful much?) is MINE! I spotted this baby a few weeks ago while visiting my sister in the big bad emerald city and fell in love instantly. The cashier even professed his love for the vibrant piece, confessing he bought one himself dispite his never planning on wearing it.


Now as beautiful as we neon-crazed spring trend mongers (I bet tons of neon things will be popping up in thrift stores and ebay shops a year from now) find this necklace, wearing it is a whole other ball game. I was so excited to get the piece, then I realized how the hell am I going to wear this? 


Here’s how I styled this monstrosity of a necklace into a manageable, still flashy, piece of my every day wardrobe (Ok, everyday is kind of an overstatement). Obviously most people don’t have this exact necklace, but I’m using to exemplify a way in which to wear neon, something that everyone is doing but hardly anyone is getting right. The key to “bold” trends like this is only pairing it with subtle things, like plain and simple black/white garments. While I myself fell victim to the craze in buying an entirely neon frock (which I have consequently never worn in public)- I have learned and observed that the only way in which to keep the color’s wow factor is to let it stand alone. Choose one small accent of color then stop right there. Now don’t get me wrong, I am crazy about this trend. I could wear a whole flouro jumpsuit. Therefore, (but still obeying the subtlety rule), you’ll being seeing me sport lots of little pops of radioactive colors in future posts I’m sure.


With this photo, I’ve selected a few things I already own and some I don’t, that show the individual elements I was going for. Sometimes, I’ve observed, a look can get lost in translation if it is only presented on the blogger’s body type, and some readers are put off thinking it doesn’t apply to them. I feel that seeing each thing separately helps people formulate their own versions of a look, and think what do I already have that I could incorporate? 


I decided to let this necklace be the focus of the outfit by just wearing jeans and a tshirt.

Hanes plain white T with the neck cut out


Charlotte Russe distressed light wash denim


I continued to keep it simple by using my forever 21 men’s zip envelope case. A lot of girls breeze by the men’s sections in stores, but I tend to go check out their accessories, as they are usually more simple and streamlined and (sometimes) cheaper! This was an awesome online find and it has served me well over the past 2 years. It’s huge and black so it goes with anything.


Anne Michelle Socialite Snake open toe sandal

There is just one super easy, versatile way to incorporate a hint of neon! Everyone has jeans and a tshirt and a cute pair of dark heels, so try it out!

*PS- while we’re on a neon note, I had to include a shot of these adorable sandals that were also at H&M but sadly not in my size.

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